Inside Out Art

.. is art of any kind. Your flower bed of ideas, a rose designed by Shakespeare. Inside Out Art is when time melts. Salvador Dali’s surrealism, M.C. Escher with his mathemagical sketching, Gaudi and architecture. Syd Barrett’s songs painted with Picasso’s brush. Your favourite movie producer creating your dreams each night.

Imagine beyond imagination…

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The Elf's Foot

Be taken on a voyage which no one else has ever ridden, with elves and friends, through their righteous hurly-burly of song and dance.

The bedazzling story of an exquisite young fairy, and an elf.  The story of an elf’s journey through the forest and along the beach; hunting dreams. Along this merry path he meets the fairy, queen of a magical realm.

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Inside Out Music

Melting clocks with colourful musical time signatures are the order of today. Music; poetry in sound, chords strummed by the universe. Inside Out Music is why we are here, providing you with sonic nourishment. Striving to bring you a new golden era in music. Timeless quality, with today’s technology.

One of a kind..It’s candy for the mind.

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