Inside Out Art

… is; that which you may not completely understand, art of any kind. Your flower bed of ideas, a rose designed by Shakespeare. Inside Out Art is when time melts.

Salvador Dali’s surrealism, M.C. Escher with his mathemagical sketching, Gaudi and architecture. Syd Barrett’s songs painted with Picasso’s brush. Your favourite movie producer creating your dreams each night.

Imagine beyond imagination…

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The Elf's Foot

The bedazzling story of an exquisite young fairy and an elf’s fall from grace ..who then then falls again..this time for the fairy.

A classic tale of love, a romantic riddle, with enough twists and turns to satisfy anyone – even with ADD.

The palace of seven billion souls warped in harmony, as madam muck hands lady luck the time and silver key.

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Mind Candy

Novelty era begins as we move towards unique and novel pleasure. Melting clocks and colourful, musical, time signatures. Plato and his collective weren’t kidding when they said ‘Ultimate reality is number based.’  Music; poetry in sound, chords strummed by the universe.

Ever noticed how your actions effect reality? Welcome to the birth of true reality and timeless entertainment. Reality; created from the Inside Out.

One of a kind..It’s candy for the mind.

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